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Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

876385_porta_bote.jpgSince RVers are outdoorsy by nature, it’s no surprise that watercraft of
various sizes and shapes accompany motorhomers on their travels. But
just as no RV can be all things to all travelers, no single boat can
fulfill the demands of every kind of water-borne activity. If lake
fishing, low-speed boating and portability are your goals, then a
folding Porta-Bote may be the perfect boat for you.

Made of four sheets of polypropylene secured by special
patented hinges, the Porta-Bote comes in 8-, 10-, 12- and 14-foot
models, all of which unfold from a four-inch-thick surfboard-like shape.
When open and assembled, Porta-Botes provide an interior roominess that
similarly sized inflatables lack – and, since the unique polypropylene
hull absorbs much of the shock of water chop, owners won’t take the
pounding in these portable cruisers that rigid vessels endure. According
to the manufacturer, the boats will reach speeds of 20 mph and will
accommodate all electric motors and, depending on size, up to a 9.8-hp

Porta-Bote International, (800) 227-8882, porta-bote.com

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