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Pocket Air Check Leak Detector

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

1788481_hands_on_pocket_air_2.jpgTo an RVer the smell of LP-gas can be frightening and potentially dangerous. If you smell LP-gas or your detector alerts you, vacate the premises immediately. Often times the presence of gas is traceable to a faulty connection or fitting of some sort. Since locating the source of a leak can be tedious and time consuming, it’s recommended that a pressure-leak test be performed by a professional every year. Nevertheless, it’s important that you also have a way of discovering leaks while on a trip or before you get on the road.


Fortunately, Nova Systems Products offers the Pocket Air Check leak detector. This scaled-down version of Nova’s professional-level leak detectors makes fume hunting far easier by optimizing an ultra-sensitive solid-state sensor calibrated to 5,000 PPM methane, which is equivalent to 2,000 PPM LP-gas. Using this hand-held sensor allowed us to immediately pick up any minute signs of LP-gas during testing.


Not only did we find the Pocket Air Check to be extremely sensitive, but it also proved to be truly easy to use via single-button operation and a combination of audible and visible warnings. Nova’s handy Air Check and about 10 minutes of your time is all it takes to perform a pre-trip safety check that could prevent a lot of grief later. The 6-inch device operates on two AA batteries, which provide about 8 hours use.


To add one of the Pocket Air Checks to your toolbox, stop by Camping World or any HVAC supplier; the tester sells for about $30.


For more information, call (866) 734-0200 or visit www.novasystemsproducts.com.

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