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Pilgrim Introduces All-Composite RV

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

Pilgrim International Inc. of Middlebury, Indiana, introduced the RV industry’s first
all-composite recreational vehicle at the annual Recreational Vehicle Industry Association
(RVIA) show at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, November 27-29, 2007. Working
closely with TekModo LLC, Pilgrim International debuted a display unit with floors, walls,
roof and end caps completely Luan and plywood free and comprised entirely of CosmoLite, a
thermoplastic fiber-reinforced composite. Pilgrim International and TekModo also introduced
the revolutionary exterior surface SpectraLite enhanced with Dupont Surlyn — the same
extraordinarily impact-resistant coating found on golf balls. The all-composite Pilgrim
travel trailer is the first of its kind to utilize all-composite construction with
absolutely zero wood. This new technology enables Pilgrim International to manufacture
completely seamless substrate floors, side walls, roofs and end-caps, resulting in true
uni-body strength for long-lasting durability. In addition, the all-composite unit is fully
water resistant and is impervious to rot, mildew and mold. The prototype unit displayed at
this year’s show features a dramatic weight reduction over conventionally manufactured
recreational vehicles, weighing 15-20 percent less. This will improve fuel efficiency and
enable families to take along more equipment. The Pilgrim all-composite travel trailers and
fifth-wheels will be completely formaldehyde free, with no out-gassing of volatile organic
compounds (VOCs). In addition, the new trailers manufactured with CosmoLite are completely
recyclable. CosmoLite can be ground up and reused like many plastic composites.
High-density Styrofoam insulation within the vacuum laminated walls can be pulverized and
recycled as blown-in insulation. Aluminum framing also can be re-melted and reused. The
all-composite trailers engineered with CosmoLite conserve trees by eliminating wood
products, resulting in more environmentally friendly manufacturing for the RV industry.
When used in the floor system alone in a 28-foot trailer, CosmoLite eliminates close to 100
pounds of weight yet is three times stronger than wood products. The CosmoLite used in a
Pilgrim engineered floor is 0.53 pounds per square foot — about one-third less weight than
wood products. Lighter weight translates to improved fuel efficiency and the added ability
to use smaller tow vehicles.

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