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Pacific Coachwork’s Tango 311BHSS

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

2610541_tango_ext_300.jpgIt seems that many trailer manufacturers are racing to bring to market the most
technologically advanced, gizmo-enriched and ultra-luxury trailers as quickly as possible.
While loading trailers with all these high-end amenities changes the culture of how many
RVers spend their time outdoors, there are those who would rather get closer to Mother
Nature and forego some of the tech-laden features for a more basic trailer that gets them
off the ground and provides a decent level of comfort. Pacific Coachwork’s Tango 311BHSS is
one of those trailers that meets these requirements.


Upon entering the Tango, potential
owners will be immediately reminded that this trailer is designed to provide basic RV
comfort without being overwhelmed by a glitzy interior. There is an array of subtle touches
throughout that classes up the interior, and it’s pretty clear that fit and finish are
emphasized – starting with the distressed German beech wood cabinetry. Adding to the rich
Country Maple motif is a variety of natural-toned wood and fabric-wrapped trim pieces
surrounding every edge of the interior. Rather than shoehorn every gadget imaginable into
each nook and cranny, the voids were taken up by well thought out cabinet placement, making
it possible to free up any potential usable space.

It’s difficult to not notice the ample
supply of sleeping areas spread fore to aft in this trailer. It all begins in the front
master bedroom with the standard queen-size bed nestled between and above just enough room
to hang and house getaway essentials. Working toward the back of the trailer on the
more-than-sufficiently sized foot path reveals a sofa bed, immediately followed by the
dinette. Both are resting within the lone slideout and are capable of sleeping two people
each. Once you get to the rear of the trailer, you’ll find four bunk beds – and realize
Tango’s intent when designing this trailer. For those of you paying attention to the bed
count, the grand total is seven. That’s enough mattresses to lodge 10 people.


To make the
most out of the trailer’s square footage, the bunk-house area doubles as a massive
internal/external storage compartment. All four of the bunk beds have the ability to be
flipped up and slightly rearranged to allow for incredible stowage gains and options.
Creating a space of this nature is especially handy for campground goodies like bicycles or
larger grills. Also of note is an outdoor-kitchen option (pictured left), which modifies
the existing floorplan by replacing one of the bottom bunks to allow for a curbside outdoor


While sleeping and storage are certainly emphasized, the trailer is also nicely
set up for cooking duties. The galley features a smooth radiused counter top, and
considering the shape and location of the kitchen counter, workspace is adequate thanks to
the sink covers/cutting boards. To the right is a Suburban three-burner stove with a
9,000-BTU high-output capability and an oven that can be used in conjunction with the
conveniently sized 1.2-cubic-foot Suburban turntable microwave. Keeping with the simplistic
theme, a 6-cubic-foot Dometic double-door refrigerator tops off the kitchen collection that
offers just enough essentials for cooking and storing favored foodstuffs.


Sure, the Tango
311BHSS has creature comforts, such as a fully ducted 13,500-BTU air conditioner,
30,000-BTU furnace, AM/FM CD stereo, A& E full-coverage roll-up awning, toilet and
shower – yet excessive electronics and other copious options are purposely absent. Instead,
a truly shared camping experience by way of travel trailer seems to be the Tango’s
pre-meditated direction. The layout and miniscule digital-device clumping is proof positive
that the 311BHSS is meant to camp in and not show off. So, if it’s back to basics and/or
seeking out a trailer to experience the great outdoors in large numbers, then this is an
ideal multi-family platform.


Pacific Coachworks, (951) 686-7294, www.pacificcoachworks.com.


Quick Info

Ext Length: 34′ 10″

Ext Width: 8′

11′ 2″ (with A/C)

Int Height: 6′ 9″

50 gal

Black-/Gray-water Cap: 30 gal/45 gal

15 gal

Hitch Weight: 1,020 lb  

GVWR: 10,000

MSRP, base: $31,919

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