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New Headlamps Adapt to Driving Conditions

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

Ford is demonstrating the most advanced headlamp system in the world in its Smart Safe
Research Vehicle (S2RV), a modified Ford Explorer that combines the largest array of
advanced intelligent vehicle technology ever seen.

The adaptive headlamp technology uses
digitally controlled beams to dynamically adjust the light pattern according to driving
conditions, safety requirements or driver preferences. It uses feedback from vehicle
onboard systems, such as steering-wheel angle and vehicle speed to optimize illumination
for any given situation.

The headlamp unit is controlled electronically to create beam
patterns that vary in angular extent or shape, intensity, time or any combination of those.
For example, at an intersection, broader coverage is needed than when a vehicle is going
straight at a constant speed, where a narrow but more distant area needs to be covered.

Adaptive lighting also improves hazard illumination while turning corners, reduces glare
for oncoming traffic and enhances visibility in adverse weather conditions.

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