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New Aluminum Cup Holders Keep Drinks In Their Place

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

1833013_Beckson cup holders 9-24.jpgWherever beverages are consumed, cups and glasses need a convenient place to be set between
sips. Perfect for RV galleys, dashboards and lawn furniture, Beckson Manufacturing’s new
Powder-Coated Aluminum Cup Holders are functional and attractive. Powder-coated for a
bright and glossy finish, the colorful cup holder features an elegant curved top. It can be
caulked or glued into place for permanent installations. This versatile cup holder also
slips snugly into Beckson’s permanently installed plastic Recessed Drink Holder. Beckson’s
Powder-Coated Aluminum Cup Holders are available in sparkling black, blue, red, clear or
gold to complement the surrounding décor. Measuring 3-5/8″ ID x 3-5/16″ deep, the 4-3/8″ OD
flange is wide enough to hide the surface beneath.
Contact Beckson Manufacturing,
165 Holland Ave., Bridgeport, CT 06605. [email protected]
; www.becksonmfg.com.

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