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Most Common Auto-Related Injuries

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

According to a report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 1,747
fatalities and 841,000 injuries last year were due to non-traffic crashes and non-crash
incidents. Non-traffic crashes include back-over crashes and single-vehicle crashes that
did not occur on a national highway. It’s estimated 98,000 injuries occur in non-traffic
crashes on private roads, collisions with pedestrians, and two-vehicle crashes in parking
facilities, while 743,000 injuries happened from non-crash incidents like hyperthermia and
electrocution. Nearly 150,000 non-traffic-related automotive injury incidents occur per
year from a closing door. Second on the list is overexertion, causing 88,000 injuries
annually. The category includes loading and unloading cargo or pushing a disabled vehicle,
while about 10,000 are seriously injured while using a jack or other hoist, and another
74,000 are injured by a falling vehicle or vehicle part. NHTSA reports that Accidentally
backing over someone accounted for 14% of injuries; children, difficult to see in blind
spots, are often the victims. Nearly 47% of those accidents happen at home, while another
40% happen in driveways or parking lots. Take the extra time to check around your entire
vehicle before moving it and be careful out there!

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