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More Than Meets the Eye

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

It’s safe to say that every person who tows a trailer would like the most stable, safest
towing experience possible. This situation can be improved several ways, and a low-profile
Hi-Lo trailer is an effective stable-towing tool. These distinctive-looking-but-highly
functional trailers combine the best livability aspects of a hard-side trailer with the
towability and easy storage of a fold-down. It’s an interesting package, and our test model
TowLite 2704 T also included a tip-out room to further improve the trailer’s interior
space. Construction consists of two hard-side body sections that clamshell vertically
together. The upper-body half is slightly larger than the lower and slides over the lower
section using an electro-hydraulic mechanism, meaning the user needn’t do any manual
cranking to set up or break down the rig. Naturally, a good towing combination must include
a good tow vehicle, and the new Dodge Durango qualifies well in that regard. Dodge
engineered a full redesign of its popular Durango SUV for 2004, and the result is powerful,
quiet, comfortable and highly functional. Its body is all-new and reflects its
Dodge-truck-family heritage. Lurking below the hood is a gutsy 5.7-liter small-block Hemi
engine that packs a healthy dose of towing muscle and is the heart of the new chassis and
suspension system. Dodge has tuned and tweaked the engine such that it runs strong but
quiet, responds well to the throttle and consumes a reasonable amount of fuel. It’s as good
a choice of power plant as anyone could want in a full-size V-8-powered rig. All things
considered, the Hi-Lo has remarkably few livability compromises to work around, and this
trailer is a terrific option for those who want easy, aerodynamic towing, while the Dodge
is an interesting vehicle with genuine appeal for trailer enthusiasts who also need a
practical family vehicle for day-to-day use. Pick up the September 2004 issue of Trailer
Life for full test impressions and details on the Dodge Durango and Hi-Lo TowLite — then
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