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More Problems for Ford’s Crown Vic?

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

Ford’s Crown Victoria has been faced with accusations from various police departments,
alleging the vehicle is prone to catching on fire and exploding after rear-end crashes
damage the gas tank. Ford had recently announced that it developed a fix for the gas-tank
problems. It is said to be in the process of supplying parts for the necessary repairs.

Now, some police departments say the frames on their Crown Vics are severely rusted. One
department has taken 70 of its 111 Crown Victoria police cruisers out of service because
the chassis rust was so bad, it represented a threat to the integrity of the vehicle. Other
police departments in the Rust Belt have reported similar problems.

The rust issue is
believed to be confined to models operating in northern states, where salts are used to
melt ice and snow.

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