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Meguiar’s Scrubbing Wash Mitt

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

Until you’ve attempted to wash a big Class A coach, you haven’t fully
understood the meaning of the phrase “committed to RVing.” Consider that
the average 40-foot motorhome boasts almost 1,000 square feet of
exterior surface area — not including the roof — and it’s easy to
understand why mobile detailers charge upward of $80 or even $100 to do
the job.

Still, if you’ve got a free afternoon, there are worse things
than playing in water. All you really need are the right tools.
Unfortunately, RVs tend to get a lot dirtier than cars, so while you
need a wash mitt to scrub down a coach, that old wool mitt in your wash
bucket may not be the best choice.

Meguiar’s new Scrubbing Wash Mitt is made of microfiber — the
same soft material your dry towels should be made of — but its outer
weave structure is said to be a lot sturdier than a wool mitt for
scrubbing off everything from bugs to bird droppings without scratching
the surface. Plus, it’s claimed to be capable of holding and delivering
twice the wash solution of other mitts — a not inconsequential benefit
when soaping down a 40-footer.

Meguiar’s, (800) 347-5700, meguiars.com

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