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Master Your Fuses

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

Access to a dinghy vehicle brings added convenience to your motorhome travels, but in some cases a fuse must be pulled to keep the battery from discharging while on the road.

Roadmaster aims to make pulling a dinghy easier with FuseMaster, an electrical harness with leads at one end and a rocker switch at the other that eliminates the need to remove a fuse for towing and then reinsert it for driving. To install, the fuse is pulled and the leads are inserted into the fuse socket; the fuse is inserted into the holder on the harness, re-establishing the electrical connection. After installation, simply flip the switch to “drive” or “tow.”

Four FuseMasters are available to fit most vehicles that require fuse removal when towing. A fuse puller and power drill are needed for installation. The heavy-duty FuseMaster is $225, while others range in price from $75 to $100.

Roadmaster, 800-669-9690, www.roadmasterinc.com


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