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Massachusetts Bill to Ban Aftermarket Exhaust Systems Resurfaces

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

The bill (H.B. 3593) to prohibit the sale or installation of “an exhaust system which has
been modified in a manner which will amplify or increase the noise emitted by the exhaust”
has been approved by the Massachusetts Legislature’s Joint Committee on Public Safety. This
is the same bill that was sent out for study last year, and it has not been revised from
the original. H.B. 3593 will next be considered by the House Steering, Policy and
Scheduling Committee, and soon could be voted on by the full House of Representatives. If
you oppose this bill, you may call, fax or e-mail members of the committee and your
Massachusetts state legislators (contact information is provided below).

  • H.B. 3593 ignores the fact that aftermarket exhaust systems are designed to make
    vehicles run more efficiently without increasing emissions.
  • H.B. 3593 does not supply law enforcement with a clear standard to enforce,
    allowing them to make subjective judgments on whether or not a modified exhaust system
    is in violation.
  • H.B. 3593 fails to recognize that aftermarket exhaust systems offer increased
    performance, which can make a vehicle safer by improving its ability to merge, pass,
    travel uphill, etc.
  • H.B. 3593 would make it difficult for hobbyists to replace factory exhaust systems
    with more durable, better-performing options. If you need assistance in determining who
    your legislators are, please contact the Massachusetts General Court at (617) 722-1276.
    This information also can be obtained online at www.enjoythedrive.com/legislative/contact_legislator.asp
    or by calling the Washington, D.C. office of the Specialty Equipment Market Association
    (SEMA) at (202) 783-6007. Massachusetts House of Representatives Steering,
    Policy and Scheduling Committee
    Chairman, Representative Paul Kujawski Phone:
    (617) 722-2220 Fax: (617) 722-2821 E-mail: [email protected] Vice
    Chairman, Representative Martin J. Walsh Phone: (617) 722-2188 Fax: (617) 722-2706
    E-mail: [email protected] Representative William C. Galvin Phone: (617)
    722-2380 Fax: (617) 722-2847 E-mail: [email protected] Representative
    Louis L. Kafka Phone: (617) 722-2305 Fax: (617) 722-2598 E-mail:
    [email protected] Representative Christine E. Canavan Phone: (617)
    722-2320 Fax: (617) 722-2339 E-mail: [email protected]
    Representative Thomas J. O’Brien Phone: (617) 722-2120 Fax: (617) 722-2239 E-mail:
    Rep.ThomasO’[email protected] Representative Jarrett T. Barrios Phone: (617)
    722-2130 Fax: (617) 722-2002 E-mail: [email protected] Representative
    Brian Paul Golden Phone: (617) 722-2240 Fax: (617) 722-2070 E-mail:
    [email protected] Representative Anthony W. Petruccelli Phone: (617)
    722-2900 Fax: (617) 722-2822 E-mail: [email protected]
    Representative Elizabeth A. Poirier Phone: (617) 722-2976 Fax: (617) 722-2390 E-mail:
    [email protected] Representative Bradford Hill Phone: (617)
    722-2460 Fax: (617) 722-2390 E-mail: [email protected]

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