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Live Your Road Dream

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

Yes, gas prices keep going up, but before you cancel your vacation plans, consider this: According to Carol White, co-author of the award-winning book, Live Your Road Trip Dream, “…it’s something that most of us can deal with.”

Carol asks:

1.) How can you afford to RV? According to a study done for the RVIA, RVing is still less expensive than piling a family of four into an airplane and hotels for a vacation. Using a typical mid-size RV fuel economy of 12 mpg, the additional fuel cost for a 1,000-mile trip would be $62.50.

2.) What does it really cost? When you add up all the expenses of a vacation, fuel only counts as about the second or third highest expense.

3.) What about family bonding?
One of the best parts of taking a road trip or an RV getaway is the extra time you get to spend with your traveling companions. Ditch the electronics just for the week, and see what might happen.

4.) And the final reason you shouldn’t let fuel get in your way? You and your family deserve the time together and the time away.

Go on a Starbucks-free week, check for the best fuel prices, just say “no” to an evening at the movies, take a pass on that cute new pair of shoes. Don’t let the “psychology of price” rather than real price get the best of you.

For more helpful information, go to www.roadtripdream.com

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