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Lance 921

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

Combine a classy, functional, high-end truck camper with the convenience of a slideout room
in a familiar floorplan, and you may well have the most decadent, comfortable,
adventure-oriented RV on the market. Lance’s new slideout-equipped model 921 certainly fits
this description. Limited floor space is one of the biggest challenges to truck-camper use,
as compared to the space available in other types of RVs. Lance, arguably the Cadillac of
truck-camper manufacturers, has added slideout rooms to some of its campers to expand
interior space while capitalizing on the versatility and maneuverability of the
truck-and-camper combination. Our test rig was just a tad longer than our pickup’s 8-foot
bed. Its extended-cabover bed area and the Chevy’s four-door Extended Cab body look really
good together, and the combination of the camper and dualie truck makes an attractive
package. With a sticker price of $25,824, the Lance is in line with other fully fitted
campers at the top end of the slide-in market. Campers are moving closer to the comfort
levels enjoyed in other RV types, and the addition of a slideout room has moved the Lance
921 up still more. With more floor space and many quality features, the unit is a fine
choice for the adventure-seeking RVer. For more details, pick up the March 2002 issue of
Trailer Life on the newsstand. Then subscribe to Trailer Life — so
you can stay informed on the latest tow vehicles, trailers, equipment and tech info.

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