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Keystone VR1 297FLS

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

The job of an RV product planner is an unenviable one. With so many different brands and
models to choose from, imagine how hard it must be to come up with a design that is
something never-before-seen in the RV industry. To develop a groundbreaking travel-trailer
product, the folks at Keystone RV Company knew they would have to think outside the box —
and that’s literally what they did with the new VR1 travel trailer. Instead of the
rectangular shape we’re all so familiar with, the VR1 takes advantage of the normally
unoccupied A-frame at the front of the unit, creating not only an interesting shape, but a
full 56 cubic feet of additional interior living space. At the same time, the arrow-shaped
nose of the unit is said to be 59 percent more aerodynamic than the front of an average
travel trailer of the same dimensions, potentially resulting in better tow-vehicle fuel
economy. And due to the way air is directed around the nose and down the sides, it’s
possible the trailer will be more stable to tow than a conventional trailer counterpart.
These are but a few of the many benefits of the VR1’s unique design, according to Don
Clark, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Keystone RV Company. “We’ve been
able to create some very unique floorplans that have been made possible by the V-design,”
he says. “We offer a front lounge, front kitchen and front bunk-bed layouts, plus a
double-slide model with a full walk-in closet in the nose.” In total, Keystone offers five
floorplans — four single-slide and the aforementioned double-slide, in lengths ranging
from 28 to 33 feet. The model shown here is the 297FLS, an open, airy floorplan with two
swiveling chairs up front and a small end table between the two large viewing windows. A
sofa bed and dinette are housed in a streetside slideout, and curbside there’s an
entertainment center, a closet and the galley. Appliances include a 6-cubic-foot Dometic
refrigerator, a three-burner cook top, a 22-inch oven with a broiler and an overhead
microwave oven. The bath area is located in the center of the trailer, and features a
porcelain toilet, full-size neo-angle shower with glass door, lav and two closets. Toward
the back, you’ll be greeted by a master suite that includes a 60 x 74-inch queen island
bed, night stands, a TV shelf and overhead storage. Elsewhere, notable features include
pass-through storage, a heated and enclosed underbelly, MOR/ryde hitch suspension and the
use of three 5-gallon LP-gas cylinders. “We could have introduced just another conventional
towable, and had good success with it,” said Clark. “But we wanted to introduce an
exciting, innovative product — the next big thing in our industry.” Keystone RV Company,
(574) 535-2100, keystonerv.com

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