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Keystone RV Issues Recalls

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

Keystone RV is recalling —

  • 49 model year 2007-2008 Montana fifth-wheel recreational trailers. Excess paint may
    cause the lug nuts to lose torque over time and could ultimately cause wheel
    separation, if the torque is not maintained. Wheel separation could result in poor
    vehicle handling, increasing the risk of property damage and a vehicle crash. Dealers
    will remove the wheels, remove the paint from the hub face wheel-mounting surface, and
    then reinstall and torque the wheels to the proper specification. The recall was
    expected to begin during August 2007. 07V-329
  • 596 model year 2007-2008 Fuzion fifth-wheel recreational trailers. These trailers
    may have incorrect wiring to the water heater. If the wiring is incorrect, the gas
    valve on the water heater could open and allow liquid propane (LP) gas into the burner
    tube when the electric switch is turned on. This could cause an increased risk of fire,
    explosion and personal injury. Dealers will inspect the wiring and make corrections if
    necessary. The recall was expected to begin during August 2007. 07V-330
  • 11 model year 2008 Hideout travel trailers for failing to comply with the
    requirements of Part 567, “Certification,” and Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard
    No. 110, “Tire Selection and Rims.” The gross vehicle weight rating (gvwr) and the tire
    information labels denoting the tire pressure are incorrect. Under-inflating a tire
    could result in an increased risk of tire failure, poor vehicle handling and property
    damage. Dealers will replace the federal identification tag, as well as the tire and
    loading information label. All vehicles are still in dealer stock. No owner
    notification is necessary at this time. 07V-297

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