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June 2007

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TECHNICAL Piggyback Riders We rounded up the latest herd
of pickup campers Impulse RVing
Take the kids and all of their gear along in Winnebago’s Itasca Class C Air
Pump up attitude and stability with Air Lift air springs RV
Staying connected at the campground is easier than ever
TRAVEL/FEATURES Land of Wind and Fog Oregon’s coastal
beauty calls to all to ride its scenic byway — and eat some delectable seafood The
Wonders of Washington
Visit once-violent volcanoes, wander the wilderness, pick
produce at Pike Place and then cruise for coffee Acadia National Park,
This rugged coast on Mount Desert Island is graced with natural scenic
beauty and plenty to do Wild Horses For a wild time, take the Wild Horse
Scenic Loop Tour in Wyoming OK Corrals Take your horses along … they can
be your best friends, too RVers’ Best Friends What you and your pooch
should know before you go

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