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Jayco’s 2011 Skylark 21 FKV Travel Trailer

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

Jayco’s new 2011 Euro-style Skylark 21 FKV travel trailer is 30 percent
lighter than conventionally built travel trailers of the same length, with a dry weight of
just 2,950 pounds. With durability and livability in mind, Jayco’s designers built this
22-footer on a V-Bridge chassis with enough stability to withstand a barrage of highway
obstacles, including potholes, cobblestones and severe bumps – all the while featuring a
Euro-style interior, which includes double-paned acrylic tinted windows, curved cabinetry,
a stainless-steel sink and enough space and amenities to accommodate a party of six.

Skylark also boasts “green” attributes, such as LED lighting, which uses a quarter of the
power as standard RV lighting, and SuperLite eco-friendly wall, roof and floor assembly.
You can get your hands on a base model for $25,286. For more information, call (574)
825-5861 or visit www.jayco.com.

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