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It’s Hip to Be Square

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

852157_carpetiles.jpgCarpet tiles, those much-maligned, quick-to-affix squares once popular
in the ’60s, are making a comeback – but these aren’t your father’s
low-end carpet tiles. According to the manufacturer, these
commercial-grade tiles use 100-percent nylon fiber fused to a
skid-resistant vinyl backing to eliminate edge ravel. Available in
either 18 x 18-inch or 2 x 2-foot sizes, the tiles are priced as low as
99 cents per square foot. No special tools are required; a chalk line,
straight edge, sharp utility knife and some double-faced tape are all
that’s needed for installation (liquid adhesives also can be used).

Available in more than 1,500 colors and patterns, these carpet
tiles allow flexibility in design and application – the tiles can be
rotated from high-traffic areas to maximize wear, while damaged carpet
can be replaced inexpensively by removing the soiled square and
installing a new tile. Claimed to be stain-resistant, the easily-cleaned
carpet tiles can be affixed to any flat surface, including stair treads
and risers. iCarpetiles.com, (800) 699-7139, icarpetiles.com.

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