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Hydraulic Hybrid Group Formed

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

NextEnergy, Michigan’s nonprofit alternative energy technology incubator, has formally
launched a Hydraulic Hybrid Working Group. The mission of the Working Group is to create
greater awareness of hydraulic hybrid technology, advance its commercialization for use in
automotive and commercial vehicle applications, and to develop technology-neutral standards
and policies for hybrid vehicles. With a hydraulic hybrid system, a substantial portion of
the energy normally lost during vehicle braking is captured and used to propel the vehicle
the next time it accelerates. This capture and release of energy, coupled with the system’s
ability to power-down the engine when it’s not needed, results in greater fuel economy and
lower exhaust emissions. EPA testing has shown hydraulic hybrid drivetrains can produce
over 80 miles per gallon for a midsize family sedan that also incorporates improved tires
and aerodynamics. NextEnergy’s (www.nextenergy.org) partners in the Working Group include
Dana Corporation, Eaton Corporation, Hybra-Drive Systems, Hydraulic Innovations LLC in a
partnership with Altair Engineering, Southwest Research Institute, and the University of
Michigan. The Working Group is also collaborating with the U.S. EPA in its efforts.

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