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Hummer H2 & Kiwi Too 28′

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

It may not tow the biggest trailer or haul the most cargo or people, but the all-new GM Hummer H2 is undoubtedly the most-exciting new tow rig to come along in many moons. It has the head-turning style and rugged abilities of its namesake, and it handles a trailer like an old pro.

GM’s H2 embodies the best of the first-generation Hummer image in its macho styling and supreme functionality, yet its “civilianized” interior and creature comforts make it a vehicle that virtually anyone would be happy driving on a day-to-day basis. Behind that tough-guy persona lurks the spirit of a truly user-friendly tow rig.

We matched up the H2 with a Jayco Kiwi Too 28R trailer. Not all growing families have unlimited budgets or big tow rigs, so the Kiwi Too fills the bill on several fronts. This Jayco series of lightweight models is suitable for use when the user’s tow vehicle does not have mega towing ability, but full RV livability and quality features are still on the must-have list.

Our road-test trip found us headed up California State Highway 99 en route to the Sierra Nevada mountain range above Fresno. We knew this drive would cover freeways, steep highways in the mountains and scarcely maintained Forest Service roads that once were railroad grades, so the H2 would be adequately put through its paces under a variety of towing and driving situations.

GM’s H2 is bound to be on a lot of must-have lists for car shoppers this year, and the Kiwi Too should attract its own attention for its solid quality and decent features in a family-style RV.

Pick up the March 2003 issue of Trailer Life for full test impressions and details on the Hummer H2 & Kiwi Too 28′ — then subscribe to Trailer Life — so you can stay informed on the latest tow vehicles, tests, previews, and technical and RV-lifestyle information.

Hummer, a division of General Motors Inc., (800) 732-5493, hummer.com

Jayco Incorporated, (574) 825-5861, www.jayco.com.


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