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Highgear’s AdventurePlus

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

958429_cool_tool.jpgWhether you call it hiking — with all the high-dollar accessories that usually go with it
— or simply “exploring” — the desire to investigate new surroundings ranks high with most
RVers. The problem, though, is that if you venture farther than line-of-sight, you usually
need to fill your pockets with all sorts of gadgets to find your way back to your
motorhome. The AdventurePlus combines most of what you may need, in one very cool gadget.
The $20 tool includes a bright LED flashlight, liquid-filled/freeze-resistant floating dial
compass, digital thermometer, 5X magnifier, safety mirror, whistle and a dry storage
compartment — and it fits in just one pocket.


Highgear, (888) 295-4949), highgear.com.

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