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Hands-On: TV Takes Flight with Winegard

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

It’s clear that television has taken massive steps in technology. Digital broadcast is one
advancement that will be mandated this month after the original February deadline was moved
to June 12. For RVers, the digital transition is good news, especially for those who rely
on over-the-air broadcasts to watch their favorite programming. Most RVers know that
getting analog signals can be a bit challenging due to broadcast range and quality. Digital
opens up many more channels for those who are outfitted with the proper TVs (or converter
boxes) and antennas.

If you’ve been relying on the quintessential Sensar batwing antenna,
you’re probably already pulling in some digital signals, but you can get a lot more. Thanks
to Winegard, the creators of the very antenna most of us have been cranking up and down for
years, its new Wingman addition will change the way you view broadcast TV.

The Wingman
(msrp $29.99) is a ruggedly constructed, molded plastic and white powder-coated steel
extension of the batwing antenna that matches its contours. Winegard cleverly arranged this
small assembly so that it fits perfectly, and functions mechanically with your existing
antenna, but allows UHF and VHF frequency signals to be gathered and processed through the
batwing more efficiently. The result is a higher number of traditionally broadcast shows
that can be viewed on your digital TV, as well as providing the opportunity to pick up
high-definition transmissions at no extra cost.

Winegard’s exceptional design provides a
truly fast and trouble-free installation. As long as you’re starting with any Sensar
antenna, adding the Wingman is a snap.

With the antenna in the raised position, using
pliers or your fingers, simply remove the four rubber bumpers. Once the landing bumpers
have been extracted, four provided clips are pushed firmly into position, installing the
extension. It’s virtually impossible to make a mistake since the Wingman only mounts one

The Wingman is certainly an easy solution to the digital TV revolution, functioning
exactly as advertised, pulling in a variety of channels many viewers probably never knew
existed. Ultimately, the only limitations are a result of landscape and distance from the
broadcast antennas. For a small investment of time and money, a whole new universe of free
digital broadcast opportunities is opened up. The Wingman is sold at Camping World and most
RV supply stores.

For more information, call (800) 288-8094, or visit Winegard online.

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