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Hands-On: Sticky Repairs

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

When I first learned about a new kind of tape that was designed to seal difficult leaks 10
years ago, Chris Margarites, the president of the company, was proud to announce that his
new tape was able to seal pipes under the ocean. With those credentials, I figured this
stuff was going to be able to handle just about anything a motorhome can throw at it.

Eternabond sealing tape was designed to stick for a very long time – and that’s an
understatement. The tape comes in a number of configurations and will adhere to just about
any surface. So it’s perfect for fixing roof (and slideout) leaks.

Because the tape uses a
MicroSealant that sticks on contact, you have to carefully plan any repair job. In most
cases you only get one chance to apply the tape, and once you spread the sealant using your
hand or a roller, it’s there virtually forever. To apply, the user has to first remove the
protective layer over the sealant side. It’s best to only roll out a small section at a
time, and if necessary, cut the tape into smaller working lengths. It does take some
patience to peel off the protective layer, but once you get the hang of it, the process
goes smoothly. While the application process may present some frustrating moments if the
directions are not followed, the end result is the total elimination of leaks.

It’s usually
not necessary to prepare the surface, other than to clean the area being repaired. The tape
will stick when applied to minus 20F, and moisture is not a problem.

Eternabond offers a cleaner and primer (EternaClean and EternaPrime, respectively) that can be used to improve the bonding on badly soiled surfaces.

There are countless uses for this tape, including the
aforementioned roof repairs, window installations, awning repairs and sealing roof
accessories, like vents. It comes in white, black, tan, grey colors, fabric backing and
4-mil aluminum. You can use the double stick version to make gaskets or even roll up in a
ball and seal gaps – or hang a picture for eternity.

The company offers a plethora of size
and combo options for just about any type of repair. As a pricing example, 5 feet of the
4-inch-wide roof seal sells for $16. Don’t be afraid to call the company with questions on
how to make repairs.

Eternabond epitomizes
friendly, honest customer service. For more information, call (888) 336-2663.

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