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Hands On Relief Mart Mattress

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

Since we spend about a third of our lives in bed, it’s pretty important to make sure we’re sleeping on a good mattress. All too often the factory-installed mattress in our motorhome interferes with a good night’s sleep. Even though we covered our stock mattress with a foam topper, we still woke up stiff and sore – and tossed and turned all night. Recently we replaced our rig’s bed with a Tempflow RV6000 memory foam mattress and our home mattress with the top-of-the-line RV8000 memory foam mattress from Relief Mart, and they have transformed our sleeping into pure luxury.

The Tempflow RV6000 mattress is made up of three layers of different foam densities, which the company found provided the best combination for extreme comfort and the support needed to wake up without a backache. To make up the mattress, the top inch employs a 5-pound-density, ultra-pressure-sensitive Biogreen memory foam to give an extra soft surface feel. Specialized Polyflex foam is in the middle, retaining a comfortable and supportive transition to the firm orthopedic polyurethane base. The total height of the Tempflow RV6000 mattress is 6 inches. Tempflow RV8000 is plusher memory foam made up of 1.5 inches of the ultra-pressure-sensitive 5-pound-density Biogreen, followed by 1.5 inches of firm Biogreen memory foam. The total height of the Tempflow RV8000 mattress is 8 inches.

Uniquely, the top layer of both mattresses is ventilated and bonded to a channeled base below. The holes align with the open channels to produce a full airflow circulation effect (patented airflow system) that dissipates excessive body heat, something users of memory foam mattresses have complained about. The Biogreen foam uses a hypo-allergenic and environmentally friendly visco-elastic memory foam that is inherently resistant to dust mites, and has been tested to have zero off-gassing emissions. Additionally, its breathable design helps prevent formation of mold and mildew, one of the reasons the company guarantees the mattress for 20 years. A nice bamboo cover gives the mattress a luxurious look – and makes it simple to add sheets. The bamboo cover is also breathable, which augments the temperature-moderating design of the mattress.

Memory foam is not new. It was originally developed for NASA astronauts undergoing G-force testing. The dense foam conforms to all the curves and bumps of your body without bottoming out – eliminating pressure points symptomatic of a standard mattress. When you get up, the foam returns to its original shape. There’s a unique feel to the Tempflow bed, especially after sleeping on a cheap RV mattress. Because it contours the body, moving around does not disturb your partner, which promotes better sleep. Overall, the comfort level is amazing. For us, acclimating to both mattress models only took one night each, and we were hooked. We found that the patented airflow system worked as promised, as neither of us felt hot sleeping on the mattress. Adding a memory foam pillow ($49 to $149) enhances the sleep experience.

Relief Mart custom builds mattresses to any size. The foam is rolled up for shipping and when unfolded it will reach 95 percent of original size in 15 minutes – 24 hours to full size. When compared with a standard quality mattress, the prices for the Tempflow are affordable. A regular and short queen size sells for $699; the more luxurious RV8000 has a $1,299 price tag – and there’s a four-month sleep trial offered.

Early morning walks are now off the table; this bed is just too comfortable.

Relief Mart, 800-667-1969, www.tempflow.com.

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