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Hands On: Go With the Flow

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

Dumping the holding tanks on an RV is a fairly straightforward procedure: Most owners use a
3-inch hose with a bayonet fitting on one end and something on the other end that fits (or
sort of fits) into the sewer opening. With few exceptions – namely the various macerator
systems – the “tools of the trade” haven’t changed much since the inception of holding
tanks and dump valves.

In the past few years, though, suppliers have refined the sewer-hose
concept by introducing better materials, fittings and couplers that are designed to make
the job of dumping holding tanks less messy and aggravating. Camco’s RhinoFLEX RV Sewer Kit
solves a number of inherent problems with traditional hoses and fittings, including storing
hoses that have been stretched out, and struggling with difficult-to-connect fittings and
bulky hose clamps. While a hose that collapses – and stays that way for storage – is not
new, Camco’s iteration goes from just 45 inches to an extended length of 15 feet, and the
ends are pre-attached. The fittings are threaded onto the hose using a counterclockwise


At one end is a heavy-duty bayonet fitting designed to connect to standard dump
valves. This one has four stout prongs that really grab the molded pins on the dump tube.
And without the hose clamp to slice your hand, users can get a strong grip on the bayonet
fitting for easy positioning.

At the other end is a two-piece, detachable four-way adapter
for making a secure connection into most sewer openings. The ramped fitting can screw into
3-, 31?2- or 4-inch threaded sewer openings, or slip into a non-threaded, 3-inch opening.

Everything about this hose is heavy duty. The steel-reinforced polyolefin material used to
make the hose resists tears and holes, the hose can be extended in limitless increments up
to the maximum length and it stays where you want it. This keeps the area tidy, and allows
the holding-tank contents a straight shot into the sewer.

A 5-foot extension is optionally
available; it connects easily using a threaded coupler. Camco will also offer a version of
this hose kit with swivel ends this month.

The RhinoFLEX hose kit retails for around $34
(though the street price is closer to $25); the extension kits can be found for around $16.
These hoses are available at most RV supply stores and Camping World. For more information,
go to Camco.

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