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Hands-On: Corrosion Block RV Cleaner

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

Motorhomes are complex vehicles so it’s common for things to squeak, stick, squeal, bind, creak and lose conductivity. Most RVers have used lubricants; some work and some don’t. Corrosion Block is a penetrant/lubricant that also removes moisture (the causes of corrosion) and protects anything metal from corrosive environments, which are just about anywhere for a motorhome owner.

Corrosion Block is available in 12-ounce aerosol and 4-ounce pump cans with the ubiquitous straw that fits into the spray button. As a lubricant, it effectively – almost instantly – removes any binding in things such as hinges, entry steps and awning arms. For this application, we sprayed it on a number of places where metal-to-metal contact had caused annoying squeaking, and the obnoxious noise was eliminated very quickly. It worked great on door hinges and entry steps where the ocean air created binding – leaving a protective layer to resist future corrosion.

We then tested the product on a fastener that had seized due to rust. Amazingly, the fastener came back to life after the chemical was allowed to soak in for a few minutes. Corrosion Block also works nicely in stubborn entry and compartment door locks, leaving a protective coating to prevent sticking.

Since the chemical is also designed as a moisture inhibitor, it’s perfect for use on switches, battery terminals and other electronic components where resistance between contacts is an issue – such as the connectors between the dinghy vehicle and motorhome. In this case, the contacts can be protected from corrosion, eliminating poor conductivity and improving lighting performance on the dinghy.

Corrosion Block was originally designed for use in the marine industry, where moisture is always a problem. You can find it online or at most marine supply stores. The bigger can sells for $14 to $20 and the smaller one is $6 to $10, with the less expensive prices available online.

While we were squelching squeaks, we also tried out a product designed to clean stainless steel – something that should be near and dear to all owners who have stainless steel wheel liners. Wow is a nontoxic, biodegradable cleaner that works with very little effort, without leaving a chemical build-up. The fact that it’s environmentally safe makes it ideal for cleaning stainless steel barbecue grills and even aluminum pots and pans.

Our obvious aim was to check out Wow’s value for cleaning wheels (sprayed on the rag, not the wheels), which always fall prey to the environment. In this regard the product did a very good job. It’s available in 16-ounce spray bottles ($14.95), a canister full of towelettes ($8.95) or a pouch with one 9-by-10-inch towelette ($1.50).

For more information, visit www.learchem.com (Corrosion Block) and wowezfinish.com (Wow).

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