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Hands On: Bugs ‘R Off

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

Most RVers will attest to the fact that squashed bugs that find their final resting place
on motorhome windshields and front caps create a lot of extra work. Not only are these bugs
unsightly, they are a pain to remove. Failure to remove bugs immediately can make the job
even more difficult, requiring a lot of elbow grease to break the stuck-on mess loose.

make life easier, Coil N’ Wrap, a company that specializes in unique gadgets that improve
the organization of hoses and cables (among a long list of other products), offers a
spray-on cleaner that virtually dissolves bugs. The cleaner, appropriately named Bugs ‘r
Off, is available in two versions: a premixed solution in a 16-ounce spray bottle ($9) and
an 8-ounce bottle of concentrate ($25) that makes four 16-ounce bottles of premix; you can
buy both for $29.99.

To test Bugs ‘r Off, we subjected our rig to an 1,100-mile trip into
“certified” bug country, so the front was pretty well inundated with squashed bugs. While
the directions suggest that the cleaner sit for 60 seconds before wiping off, we noticed
immediately that the solution was dissolving the bugs – and providing telltale brown
streaks down the front cap. After 60 seconds, the bugs were wiped off with a damp
microfiber towel.

Most of the bugs were removed with the first swipe of the towel, but some
of the more stubborn critters required a little more effort. If we were washing the rig, we
would use a wet brush after spraying the area, which undoubtedly would make shorter work of
the bug removal. Nevertheless, it was a lot easier than using traditional vehicle-cleaning

The key to dislodging bug remains is to remove them before they get a chance to
bake onto the surface, and it’s best to use the Bugs ‘r Off in the shade. The spray-bottle
nozzle has two positions: spray and stream. We liked the stream because it allowed us to
hit the higher areas without using a step stool or ladder. After spraying, we used an
extension pole with an attachment lined with hook-and-loop material that “sticks” to the
microfiber towel. We had the entire front looking good as new within a half hour.

For more
information, call (866) 603-8388, or go to www.coilnwrap.com.

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