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Fuel Prices Lowest in Almost Two Years

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

Since the September 11 attacks, a drop in demand from a slowing economy, plus ample
supplies have led to a drop in the price for gasoline by 22 cents a gallon. Fuel costs fell
to the lowest level since January 2000, down 4.3 cents in one week to $1.309 per gallon,
according to the Department of Energy. Based on the Energy Information Administration’s
weekly survey of more than 800 filling stations, the current average pump price is down 23
cents from a year ago. Regular unleaded gas is the lowest since the week of January 17,
2000. The West continues to have the costliest fuel in the country, with prices down 3.3
cents per gallon to $1.544. The southern Atlantic states again have the cheapest fuel, with
prices down 4.1 cents to $1.209 per gallon. San Francisco held its top spot among major
cities, although prices dipped 2.7 cents to $1.738 a gallon. Houston again was the
cheapest, with gasoline down 3.9 cents to $1.23 a gallon. The nationwide average cost of
diesel fuel was down 1.8 cents to $1.353 a gallon, down 32 cents in 12 months.

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