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Fridge Guard: Keep Your Food in Place

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

We’ve all been there: You arrive at your campsite, set up the motorhome, open the refrigerator for a cool drink and splat! There goes the contents.

Food and drinks placed inside a motorhome’s refrigerator are subject to rigorous and continual movement, so it’s not unusual to see shifting, which can lead to items falling out of the fridge when its door is opened – this is especially true when it comes to eggs and milk cartons.

RV Fridge Guard Hands On measurementsSome gimmicky devices targeted to solve this problem have been developed over the years, but none provide overall coverage and protection.

The makers of RV Fridge Guard have come up with a simple solution that eliminates the unplanned emptying of the refrigerator. The RV Fridge Guard is a full-length cover made up of heavy-duty clear and white vinyl sewn together, working in combination with tension rods and hook-and-loop fasteners. With the included mounting pieces, RV Fridge Guard sticks to the inner edges of the refrigerator interior while allowing easy visible and physical access to food through hook-and-loop operated windows. The company, Christar’s Net, specializes in products that compartmentalize ice chests, so the RV Fridge Guard is a natural expansion of its offerings.

RV Fridge Guard Hands On cuttingKits are available in three sizes, covering small (6-7 cubic feet), medium (8 cubic feet) and large (10-12 cubic feet) refrigerators. To be sure, it’s best to measure the interior of your refrigerator and call in the dimensions to the manufacturer to verify the correct size.

Installation of the Fridge Guard begins with the two tension rods. It’s easiest to first take a base measurement of the inside width of the refrigerator, and then add at least an additional 5⁄8-inch to that figure. That will be the final width of the tension rods. Doing this before tightening the set screw will allow extra room for the spring to compress and supply the necessary tension. Once that’s done, the longer strip of the hook-and-loop fastener is attached to the bare spot on the tension rod.


RV Fridge Guard Hands On assembled

Photographer: Ken Livingston
The RV Fridge Guard is designed to keep your milk unspilled.

, put the upper tension rod in place and attach the vinyl. It’s recommended to use the supplied tie wraps at the top corners to secure the vinyl and fasteners to the tension rod so the corners are prevented from peeling back over time while opening the top doors. This is an optional step, but one worth taking. Next, locate the best position for the lower rod and leave it there. Then attach the pull cords and locks to the nearest wire shelf and load with food.

Operating the  is intuitive and works even better than its simplistic design suggests. A side benefit of the vinyl is containment of cold air within the interior of the refrigerator, while allowing enough circulation to keep items in the door shelves cold. The small kit sells for $39.95, medium is $45.95 and large is $49.95 – all available through the company. The RV Fridge Guard is a certain way to keep items inside the refrigerator, where they belong. Once in place, there will be no more crying over spilled milk.

RV Fridge Guard, 562-477-4210, www.rvfridgeguard.com.

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