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Ford Hopes to Close Quality Perception Gap

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

An initial-quality survey, the “U.S. Global Quality Research System”
study by Bloomfield Hills, Michigan-based RDA Group, found Ford, Lincoln
and Mercury brands equaling Toyota’s and Honda’s results. The Ford
brands garnered an 8-percent improvement in the first-quarter.
Commissioned by Ford, the study was conducted September through November

Ford reports that the average score of 1,284 things-gone-wrong
(TGW) per 1,000 vehicles is “statistically equivalent” to the Toyota and
Honda brand findings of 1,250 TGW. Ford hopes the study results
convince buyers to consider the company’s brands.

A Ford press release also says 36 out of 40 Ford, Lincoln,
Mercury, Volvo and Mazda nameplates improved, compared to 2007.

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