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Ford Developing Thrifty Gas Engine

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

Ford has announced that it will introduce advanced-technology gasoline
engines to improve its corporate average fuel economy (CAFE).

Lincoln’s MKS sedan is expected to be first to receive this new
power plant next year, called the TwinForce engine. TwinForce uses
advanced valve-train designs along with direct fuel-injection and twin
turbochargers to provide fuel mileage similar to diesel, Ford says. The
company also claims that it will produce the power of a V-8 with the
economy of a V-6.

Later, the design will be extended to inline-4 engines in a
variety of models by 2011. In about two years, deceleration fuel
shut-off will be incorporated. It shuts off fuel completely when
decelerating and coasting.

Another technology Ford is touting is the “Powershift” six-speed,
dual-clutch transmission. This is expected to boost mileage further.
Ford hopes to have 70 percent of its lineup new or refreshed by the end
of 2008 and all by 2010.

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