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Foaming at the Case

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

Since some manufacturers recommend against using pressure-washers on new
RVs, the popularity of full-body paint on motorhomes has turned what
used to be an afternoon’s task into a full day’s chore. If dragging a
ladder around the perimeter of your coach sounds like a tough way to
reach the high spots, consider dragging around a Pro-Foam, instead.

If nothing else, its pull handle and rear wheels make it a lot
easier to tug. It’s what’s in the 20x15x23-inch case, however, that
makes it desirable: along with a 3-gallon tank is an air compressor and
soap solution metering pump. According to the manufacturer, once water
and biodegradable soap solution is added to the tank, the metering
system and compressed air combine to agitate the fluids into cleansing
foam — which is delivered through a 16-foot-long hose and 6-foot
telescoping handle to a flow-through, multi-layered brush head.

Pro-Foam is claimed to provide up to 30 minutes of automatically
generated foam, and the telescoping handle allows coach owners to reach
any part of their vehicle without need of a ladder; all that’s required
is access to an AC outlet and fresh water for rinsing.

LECO Enterprises, (971) 506-6089, lecoenterprises.com.

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