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Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

There are a lot of reasons why diesel-pushers are dramatically more
expensive than their gasoline-powered counterparts — not the least of
which is the diesel engine itself. Preventative maintenance should be
part of every motorhome owner’s schedule — but when you’re paying
upwards of $20 grand just for the engine, everything seems to be of
critical importance.

Even something as cut-and-dried as engine oil filtering isn’t
as simple as it seems. Oil filters are a compromise, between using
filtering media small enough to retain sediment and large enough to
allow for oil circulation. The FilterMAG helps to move the odds in your
favor by capturing potentially harmful particulate matter using powerful
neodymium magnets. According to the manufacturer, the FilterMAG can
reduce particulates in the oil from 102,789 ppm (parts per million) to
just 4,374 ppm by attracting and holding small ferrous particles against
the wall of the filter without restricting oil flow. Available in three
sizes, to fit filters from 2.90 inches to 5.5 inches in diameter, the
FilterMAG is reuseable, and can be installed in just 30 seconds.

FilterMAG, (800) 345-8376, filtermag.com.

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