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Feds Propose CAFE Boost

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

Light trucks may have to meet stricter mileage standards beginning
in 2008, according to the Bush administration. Current corporate average
fuel economy (CAFE) rules require an average of 21 mpg for light
trucks, rising to 22.2 mpg in 2007. The new proposed system would divide
light trucks, including minivans and station wagons, into six
categories based on size. The updated rules would change the current
CAFE for trucks to 23.5 mpg, but individual models would be judged
against others in their class.

Rules have already been enacted to raise truck mileage from the
current CAFE of 20.7 mpg to 22.2 mpg by 2007. The car average has
remained at 27.5 mpg, and vehicles weighing more than 8,500 pounds will
continue to be exempt.

After the public comment period and a final draft that is due in
April, the rules would take effect for the 2008 model year.

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