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Exodor Porta-Pak Holding-Tank Deodorizer

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

We all want a tidy, odor-free commode in our rigs, but many liquids and other cleaning
products often leave behind even more of a mess than the one with which we began. Walex
Products Company introduces the Exodor Porta-Pak holding-tank deodorizer to freshen things
up without much hassle. The deodorizer is packaged in individual portion-control packs of
10 inside a resealable bag. Each water-soluble packet disperses instantly when dropped into
the holding tank. Porta-Pak is designed to break down waste and paper and offer
commercial-strength odor prevention. It won’t clog pipes and valves and is
formaldehyde-free, according to the company.

Walex Products Company, (800) 338-3155, rvsanitation.com.

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