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Emissions May Force 42-Volt Systems

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

Though delayed for cost reasons, the switch to 42-volt systems in
motor vehicles is inevitable, say various industry insiders, due to fuel
consumption and emissions regulations that take affect in 2008. The
conversion requires significant changes to electrical systems, and
individual manufacturers are reluctant to be the first.

The majority of automakers will introduce 42-volt systems around
the year 2008, but it is likely to be available only in limited number
of models at first. Hybrid SUVs by Ford are expected to appear on the
market in the next few years.

The majority of systems will be dual-voltage systems, with 14
volts (nominal 12 volts) continuing to be used for some applications.

Single voltage 42-volt systems will take even longer to appear, with the first probably coming around 2010.

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