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Easy Curtain: No Silhouettes on This Shade

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

876547_easy_curtain.jpgClass C motorhomes may be fast approaching the size and comforts once
only available in entry-level Class A coaches – but when the sun goes
down, the difference in class status rears its ugly head. For the most
part, privacy curtains in Class C units conceal coach life from view,
but the cab section remains open to prying eyes. Since slideout
functions in many models are tied to the vehicle’s ignition and the
coach speakers are wired to the dash CD/stereo, this can be an
irritating shortcoming.

Easy Curtain’s three-piece motorhome cab curtain is claimed to
provide the complete privacy and light blockage that factory curtains
cannot. Specifically designed for popular Ford cabs, the curtain is held
in place by interior visors and special flaps over the side windows.
Made of high-quality nylon fabric, each curtain can be used separately
or fastened together in less than a minute. According to the
manufacturer, the curtain also protects the cab’s dashboard and
upholstery from heat build-up and UV rays.

Easy Curtain, (323) 757-2207, easycurtain.net.

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