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Dodge Ram Biodiesel Coming?

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

Dodge is approving use of B20 biodiesel fuel in its Dodge Ram pickup
trucks. B20 fuel is 20 percent biodiesel fuel and 80 percent petroleum
diesel fuel. The use of B20 has been approved for the 2007 model year in
government, military and commercial-vehicle use; the pickups will
require the use of biodiesel fuel that meets the fuel specifications
established by the United States military.

Dodge says that its “goal is a national standard for B20 so that
in the future [we] can extend this program to all of our Ram diesel

Although this first step in the process is the approval of the use
of B20 in Dodge Ram pickups equipped with Cummins diesel engines for
military, government and commercial-fleet customers only, this could set
the stage for B20 approval in consumer-driven Dodge Rams.
DaimlerChrysler is working with the government, automotive suppliers,
energy providers, universities and independent agencies on a national
fuel standard that would make B20 an option for all Dodge Ram diesel

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