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Dinghy ‘Air Brake’

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

Air brakes are nothing new to motorhomes — but brakes relying on air
are relatively new for dinghy service. No, air lines aren’t routed to
the towed vehicle; in fact, as examplified by the new Roadmaster
BrakePro Towed Car Proportional Braking System, nothing is — no cables,
wires or semipermanent connections of any kind.

According to the manufacturer, the BrakePro relies on a
wireless transmitter to activate (through the air — get it?) the
dinghy’s brakes in direct proportion to the pressure applied to the
coach brakes. Installing the compact device is as simple as positioning
it on the vehicle floor between seat and brake, securing the
self-locking pedal clamp to the brake pedal and plugging the power cord
into the vehicle’s 12-volt accessory outlet.

The system also includes Roadmaster’s BrakeAway Switch, which
the manufacturer claims will bring the dinghy to a safe stop should it
break away from the motorhome; the unit, which plugs into the BrakePro,
illuminates the receiver if the vehicle breaks away or if the system
malfunctions. BrakePro meets regulations for the United States and
Canada, is easily adjusted, can be used with all motorhomes and towed
vehicles and is quickly transferrable. From Roadmaster Inc.

Available at campingworld.com/brakepro.

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