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Color Is Key in Vehicle Purchase

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

How important is color when it comes to buying a vehicle? It could be
the determining factor in a customer walking out of a showroom or
hundreds of dollars in resale value.

According to studies at General Motors, one in five customers will
leave a new car showroom if the color he or she likes is not available.
That’s why color is becoming more important for manufacturers when it
comes to making cars. Automakers are employing large, diverse staffs to
focus exclusively on exterior and interior color choices to make sure
customers get the colors they like.

What’s the most popular color today? Silver is number one globally
and for all vehicle styles – whether it covers the entire vehicle or
accents other colors on the car. The colors that are historically
unpopular are brown and purple. If your favorite color happens to be a
brilliant metallic orange, beware. Experts say the resale value down the
road probably will be lower than a more popular color.

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