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Chrysler Group Plans Alt Fuels

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

DaimlerChrysler joined with Ohio Governor Bob Taft, the state’s soybean
growers and the refiner, Peter Cremer North America, to promote the use
of clean, renewable, Ohio-made biodiesel fuel. The biodiesel fuel is
made from Ohio soybeans, refined at the Peter Cremer facility in

In addition to the 30 percent improvements in fuel economy with
diesel, biodiesel further reduces reliance on petroleum for
transportation systems. While diesel reduces greenhouse gas emissions up
to 20 percent, biodiesel can further improve the carbon dioxide
life-cycle balance, while significantly cutting tailpipe emissions.

To expand the use of biodiesel, Chrysler Group recently announced
that, beginning with the 2007 model year this fall, it will approve and
endorse the use of B20 in diesel-powered Dodge Ram trucks by government,
military and commercial fleet customers. The company is also working
with the biodiesel industry, other OEMs, suppliers, nonprofit
organizations, and federal and state governments to develop national
quality standards for B20.

DaimlerChrysler promotes the use of another renewable fuel,
ethanol, with nearly 1.5 million of its vehicles capable of running on
E85 fuel, a mixture of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline. The
company will produce nearly 500,000 E85-capable vehicles per year
beginning in 2007.

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