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Changing RV Battery Types

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

The time has come to replace the batteries in my motorhome. I have four golf cart (6-volt) batteries. Should I try going with Optima blue top (12-volt) batteries? Which is the best way to go? I also have a 123-watt solar panel with charge controller.

W.F. Keck l Via email

That you have solar panels tells me you dry camp often, without hookups. Golf cart batteries give you the most power per dollar and they are a good choice for those who put heavy demands on their battery banks. However, if you find the convenience of not having to add water and clean terminals as often is important to you, then you can go for the Optimas. Make sure you calculate the amp-hour capacity you need first, and shop for the best price because they are expensive.

— Ken Freund

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