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Changes Coming to Diesel Pickups

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

To meet more-stringent smog rules in 2007, Dodge will fit its Ram
turbodiesel pickup trucks with a diesel-particulate filter and a NOx
absorber. These could add about $800 to the vehicle’s price. The
emission equipment change for 2007 model-year trucks will take place
January 1, 2007. Ram turbodiesels built before this date will have the
same emissions system as the 2006 models.

General Motors and Ford are also adding particulate filters to
2007 models, which could lower power due to higher backpressure. Ford is
equipping its 2008 Super Duty diesels with a 6.4L V-8 Power Stroke that
uses piezo-electric fuel injectors, along with more displacement to
boost power.

GM won’t announce changes to its diesel heavy-duty pickups until
August 24. Rumors have it that changes include a new variable-geometry
turbocharger and exhaust-gas recirculation.

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