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Cerama Bryte Keeps Cooktops Clean

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

Leading the way in household cleaning products, Cerama Bryte now features a unique ceramic
cooktop cleaning kit that really gets the job done.

Cerama Bryte ceramic cooktop cleaning
kit removes stubborn stains and burnt-on deposits, will not scratch your ceramic oventop,
and includes a cooktop scraper for those stubborn baked-on deposits.

Cerama Bryte maintains
a whole range of top-of-the-line cleaning products for your home or motorhome galley,

  • Ceramic Cooktop Cleaner – Quickly and safely removes stains from glass ceramic
    cooktops. Can be used on all ceramic cooktops.
  • Touchups – Convenient, pre-moistened wipes are excellent for light cleaning and
    quick touchups.
  • Touchups Spray – Prefer a spray cleaner over wipes? Then try Touchups in an easy to
    use trigger spray bottle.
  • Cooktop Scraper – Single edged razor blade with a unique 2 piece handle for easy
    use. Safely removes burned on deposits from ceramic cooktops without scratching.
  • Cooktop Cleaning Pads – 8 small, individual-use pads for safely and effectively
    cleaning glass-ceramic cooktops.
  • Burnt-On Grease Remover – Quickly and easily removes difficult burnt-on grease
    deposits on all glass-ceramic cooktops.
  • Ceramic Cooktop Cleaning Kit – Everything you need to take care of your cooktop
    (starter kit).
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloths – Great for obtaining streak-free, lint-free finish.

purchasing information, go to Cerama Bryte, or
call (800) 578-4663. Cerama Bryte is available at major retailers and hardware stores

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