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Camco Rain Spout

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

Everything about a motorhome is bigger than typical vehicles —
including its ailments. While automobiles, trucks and vans can all
suffer from sooty tracks as dirt washes down their sides, only with
motorhomes does this environmental discharge combine with moisture and a
rubber roof to create ugly black streaks.

Manufacturers understand this, and newer coaches sport rain
gutters and, sometimes, even rain spouts to route this concoction away
from the sides of a coach. The problem, though, is that these spouts
oftentimes are too short to keep the dirty water from soiling the sides.
The new Rain Spout with Gutter Extension, from Camco Manufacturing, is
said to be the first-ever all-in-one unit that channels water far enough
away from an RV to keep black streaks from disfiguring exteriors. It
extends out more than 2 inches to prevent the water stream from hitting
the coach.

Packaged in groups of four to equip all corners of the coach,
the Camco rain spout is formed specifically for left- and right-side
applications. According to the manufacturer, the new rain spout can be
attached to an existing drip rail in a matter of minutes, using just a
drill and screwdriver.

Camco Manufacturing, (800) 334-2004, camco.net.

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