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Calmark Cover Company’s Solar Flair

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

Anytime you pull your motorcoach off the road for an extended period of
time, it’s necessary to keep its batteries charged. Without doing so,
stored batteries eventually lose their charge – and their capacity to
charge up again. The problem, though, is that extension cords can be
inadvertently disconnected.

You wouldn’t expect an RV cover to be able to eliminate such
disasters, but by incorporating an optional solar panel into their
breathable fabric covers, Calmark Cover Company has created a system
that, it claims, is capable of maintaining your batteries at full charge
no matter where you park your coach. Since the panel is flexible, it
rolls out with the cover – and plugs in with Calmark’s built-in power
cords. Encapsulated in DuPont Tefzel for durability and
weather-resistance, the panels come in two sizes: 12 x 12 ½ inches (said
to be capable of charging one or two batteries), and 11-½ x 21 inches
(for up to four batteries). Calmark also offers the panels as a separate
item, which can be positioned on an existing cover or rooftop.

Calmark Cover Company, (800) 838-7236, calmarkinc.com.

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