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Briefs: Discounts, Gas, 'Smart'

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

Discounts Are Back for GM, Chrysler Vehicles

Both General Motors and Chrysler have added sales incentives to
move inventory. GM is calling its program “March Madness,” offering $500
to $1,000 rebates on most models, which GM has said it would no longer
do once it went to value pricing. Chrysler is offering zero-percent
financing for certain models along with discounts.

Summer Gas Prices Expected to Rise

According to the federal Energy Information Administration (EIA),
drivers will find high fuel costs this summer and should expect to pay
more than $2.50 per gallon. High crude oil costs and strong demand are
pushing up pump prices. Prices were up throughout the country during
mid-March, with the Midwest getting hit with the largest increase of 12
cents per gallon.

Siemens Develops ‘SmartWeb Vehicle’

Siemens is developing a “SmartWeb Vehicle” system that constantly
searches the Internet for information via voice input. It can give
directions and even tell you where to find the gas station with the
lowest-price fuel. The system will look up the information on the Web
and tell you how to proceed. No date has been given yet for introduction
of this technology for sale to the public.

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