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Briefs: BMW, Chrysler, Mercedes

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

BMW May Add Diesel Options

BMW may start offering diesel engine options in its vehicles in
the United States, beginning with the 2007 model year. This is likely to
include the X5 SUV, which would make it a good candidate for towing,
with high torque and improved fuel economy.

Chrysler 7/70 Warranty Ending

Daimler-Chrysler’s Chrysler brands will probably end its
seven-year/70,000-mile warranty for the 2006 model year. Instead,
Chrysler will revert to its former three-year/36,000-mile warranty for

Mercedes-Benz Might Offer Pickup

Mercedes-Benz is rumored to be testing a four-door, short-bed
pickup truck for the U.S. market. Several V-8 engine options are
possible, along with a seven-speed automatic transmission. Look for it
as a 2007 model. 

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