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Big Three Continue Zero-Percent Financing

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

General Motors and Chrysler are now offering zero-percent financing on
2003 models. The new GM program covers most vehicles, except Saabs,
Saturns and Hummers. The 2003 model year doesn’t officially start until
October 1, but dealers already have begun to take delivery of new

A Chrysler Group sales executive said Chrysler was prepared to
match GM and offer no-interest, 36-month loans on 2003 models.

Ford announced it also will be offering zero percent on some of
its 2003 models. The financing rate will apply to only seven of its
vehicles for three-year loans. Ford is already offering zero-percent
financing or cash rebates on all 2003 and 2002 models and now has a
deferred-payment program for 2002 models. Buyers of 2002 Fords during
the month of September won’t have to make a payment until January.

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